Marriage as a Spiritual Teacher

Couple Jana & Omar

8 years ago, I got married to an amazing man. I knew when I said 'yes' that he was the one. However, I had no clue what marriage meant. You see, I learned that loving a person is one thing, but marriage - is a whole different story.

Over the past 8 years, I experienced a tremendous number of healing modalities, spiritual growth, self-immersions, challenging self-development practices and 100s of courses. But if you ask me, who was your biggest teacher? I would probably say life itself and marriage as a key aspect of it. 

Faith Over Fear


Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of getting sick, fear of dying, fear of losing a job, fear of failing, fear of not belonging. 

Fear numbs us, blocks our growth, paralyses our world and distorts reality.

Reality is love, only if you could see it. Every loss is an invitation to a new opportunity, every pain is an awakening, and not belonging is our soul calling.

So why is it that we have fear?  

A Tool to Become Your Own Therapist: Journaling


I am in no way undermining the amazing role therapists play.

However sometimes we need go-to tools which can empower us  in maintaining regular connection to self.

Many of us journaled as kids, and I find it incredible how as children we intuitively knew what we needed to release and process emotions.

However, as adults we do not trust our innate abilities to heal. 

Here are 3 ways in which journaling can support your mental health and how you can simply start.

Recognise the other person is YOU

recognise the other person is you

Here is a statement that has completely shifted my mindset over the past few years.

"Recognise the other person is you" - taken from the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age.

The questions that come to my mind are:

- Can we really know someone? fully without judgement? fully without filter? 

- Can someone ever know us? completely for who we are? purely without filters?

- Can we ever know our true inner-selves? without a cultural cloud? without learnt expectations of who we should be?


How Kundalini Yoga Awakened my Spirit

A sense of freedom

I have been a yogi for almost 10 years now.

Actually I tend to believe that I was born a yogi :) I have always yearned to connect deeper to myself and find blissful moments in life; that is what yoga is really about - isn’t it?

Yoga to me has been a journey of self-discovery and growth. While practicing I am able to learn how to challenge my body, connect to my breath and invite my spirit to shine through.

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