Do you desire to step into your true potential and live the life of your dreams? Hypnosis is the fastest most natural tool that can help you achieve your goals and feel amazing about your life. It is time that you let go of old beliefs and patterns that are limiting your life. You don’t need to live as a victim of old stories. Gain empowerment over your mind, uplift your lifestyle and open up to the true YOU.

Hypnotherapy can help you release limiting blocks and invite positive patterns that allow you to expand toward your potential.

Release Stress & Anxiety Hypnotherapy Program

You shouldn’t have to live in a state of stress, anxiety and worry. You have the ability to rise above those emotions and invite relaxation and vitality to move towards a life full of happiness and joy. Stress can often move you into a state of paralysis and procrastination – stopping you from living a limitless life.

If you experience stress, overwhelm, panic attacks and consistent worrying, then this is for you.

This is for you if

  • You constantly feel stress, anxiety and/or worry
  • Stress is getting in the way of you living a happy & healthy life
  • You have tried everything, but nothing seems to work in releasing stress
  • You are ready to take charge and invite change in your body, mind and spirit 

The transformation that you will

Anxiety, stress and worry can result from a variety of life stressors. I will help you navigate your emotions, understand them and their root cause, understand how they are impacting your life today and the steps to take to invite calmness, relaxation and vitality instead.

When you overcome stress, anxiety and worry, you will start noticing that you open up to a whole new life.

  • Understand your stress profile and create a personal resilience plan
  • Invite more calmness and relaxation in your body & mind
  • Invite daily habits that support your wellbeing
  • Shift your mindset and find empowerment in feeling calm and relaxed in ‘stressful’ moments
  • Feel an amazing shift in your body and mind

This 6 session hypnotherapy 1-1 private program, includes:

  • 120 minutes hypnotherapy foundation session
  • Followed by 5 (90 minutes) hypnotherapy sessions
  • Lifelong access to all hypnosis recordings
  • Weekly resources for stress management and inspiration 
  • Support via What's App in between sessions
  • All sessions will take place via zoom 

Hypnosis Fact

did you know that the average person experiences hypnosis 2 to 3 times a day? When used in therapy this state allows your subconscious mind to open and become suggestible to new positive behavioural change

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Program

Tell me your habits and I can tell you who you are. Our habits shape our personality and what we are attracting into our future. Your lifestyle defines whom you surround yourself with, how you show up in the world and the people and opportunities you attract.

So if you are motivated to quit smoking, this is for you.

This is for you if

  • You are ready to quit smoking 
  • You have tried to quit before and found it hard or kept relapsing
  • Are ready to embark on a journey of empowerment & invite positive change into your habits and life 

The transformation that you will

  • Understand your smoking triggers and root cause
  • Envision an expansive future as your highest self
  • Follow a plan to get you ready to quit smoking 
  • Uplift your life habits and anchors to support you in managing your triggers in a healthy manner
  • Learn life-long tools to manage emotions like stress and anxiety
  • Quit smoking in just one session

This 3 session hypnotherapy 1-1 private program, includes:

  • Free discovery call to assess your readiness and next steps toward quitting smoking
  • 120 minutes hypnotherapy foundation session
  • Followed by 2 (90 minutes) hypnotherapy follow up sessions
  • Lifelong access to a quit smoking hypnotherapy recording 
  • All sessions will take place via zoom 

Build Confidence & Live Your Purpose Hypnotherapy Program

Do you ever feel like you are stuck on a plateau? You might feel that you have lost motivation, inspiration and touch with your true self. Often, when life gets busy, we tend to forget about our true inner desires and dreams. This can put us in a state of stress, anxiety, lack of happiness, hopelessness and even depression.

Do you find yourself living in fear of following your dreams, stepping outside your comfort zone, asking for a promotion or finding the partner of your dreams? I can tell you now, that you have the power within you to take that step forward and step into your full potential. Sometimes, old beliefs from childhood make us believe otherwise – but we can change that.

This is for you if

  • You feel stuck and lost touch with who you are
  • You are stuck in a spiral of negative beliefs
  • You feel limited and like you are not expressing
    your full self
  • You don’t know how to connect to your own
    power of self-expression
  • You have a yearning to get out of your comfort zone, but your lack of self-trust and confidence keeps getting in the way
  • You over-worry and stress about taking a step forward toward your dreams and goals
  • You don’t express your true full self and you are limiting your creative expression

The transformation that you will

So often as adults we lose track of our inner desires, passion, values and dreams. I help you reconnect to your true purpose, reassess your values and create a vision for your life. Through the power of manifestation, I support you in finding empowerment to live your dream and attract everything that you desire into your life.

  • Gain clarity on your purpose and life goals
  • Invite a positive outlook toward your life
  • Gain confidence and self-trust 
  • Reignite the spark that's within you
  • Gain insights towards the direction you are taking in life 
  • Step into your potential and show up as the full YOU
  • Release limiting blocks which are in the way of your expansion 

“Jana taught me how to leverage positive emotions and moments of success, and invite more of them into my day-to-day. If you are looking for a positive person who can transform your mindset, hold you accountable, and push your limits to achieve your goals, then Jana is your go-to coach and hypnotherapist.

Jana is resourceful and empathetic. She’s friendly, approachable, and shows a lot of enthusiasm towards helping her clients, which makes the coaching journey with her very light and enjoyable."

- N.B.

About Jana

Jana is a hypnotherapist, holistic life coach and yoga & meditation teacher. Throughout her 10 years working in corporate, she started seeking deeper meaning in life and immersed herself in a journey of self-development and healing. Her first Yoga Teacher Training in India ignited her transformation and opened her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities

She became mesmerized by the power of the mind, which lead her to seek a diploma from the Nationally Accredited School of Hypnotherapy - HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute). She is also a Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher, with an expansive depth of understanding in yogic studies, meditation, mindfulness and spirituality. Her passion to learn more about the body and holistic wellness, lead her to also become an IIN (Integrative Institute of Nutrition) certified holistic health & wellness coach.

Jana loves supporting people to step into their true potential and live their life’s purpose. She combines energy and mindset work to uplift people’s lives and helps them release limiting blocks that are in the way of their expansion. She is also a strong believer in taking aligned action towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

She is an avid learner and an experience seeker. She changed careers, launched her own business, bungee jumped the highest bridge in the world, hiked the highest mountain in Africa and plans to keep seeking new heights – who’s in for the ride?