Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of getting sick, fear of dying, fear of losing a job, fear of failing, fear of not belonging. 

Fear numbs us, blocks our growth, paralyses our world and distorts reality.

Reality is love, only if you could see it. Every loss is an invitation to a new opportunity, every pain is an awakening, and not belonging is our soul calling.

So why is it that we have fear?  

My personal fear has been of failing. Which put me in this continuous space of self-doubt and guilt. Doubting my potential and feeling guilty about never doing enough (as if the act of "doing" ever comes to an end).

Fear stopped me from being creative, flowing and trusting the moment. 

Along the way I spoke to my teacher who asked me: "Do you have faith?"

My answer was: "Yes, yes I do, very much".

He then went on to explain, that if I had faith in a greater energy, universal consciousness and a higher and grander plan that was above us all, then fear makes no sense in that equation.

Fear means worrying about what might or might not happen in the future.

However faith teaches us that everything happens to move us into a direction that serves the greater good (of individuals and humanity). 

Faith teaches us that everything in life has a beginning, an existence and an end. The end yields opportunities for new beginnings and the cycle goes on. 

Faith teaches us that the pain we feel today, will awaken us to a deeper knowing. Every experience is a clearing and healing of wounds and is an opportunity to serve our purpose in this life or the next.

LIVE every experience with love, trust and compassion. 

Trust the universal wisdom and allow it to guide your life.

Just relax, sit back and allow the flow of life to take its course.

Whether that means death, loss or pain, you can now see it all as LOVE.