Here is a statement that has completely shifted my mindset over the past few years.

"Recognise the other person is you" - taken from the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age.

The questions that come to my mind are:

- Can we really know someone? fully without judgement? fully without filter? 

- Can someone ever know us? completely for who we are? purely without filters?

- Can we ever know our true inner-selves? without a cultural cloud? without learnt expectations of who we should be?


Connecting to our true inner spirit is one of our key purposes on this earthly journey. 

And by recognising that every person we are faced with, is here to reflect an inner aspect of ourselves is an empowering yet slightly confusing thought. 

That time you had a fight with your partner, that time you resented a colleague at work or you judged someone for something they did...what does it all say about you? not about them! about YOU! 

What you see, who you see and how you see them is nothing but a reflection of YOU. 

And how people see YOU, is nothing but a reflection of them.

We live our lives projecting our inner reality unto others.

Gain the power to learn from every person who passes you by, especially those people who trigger you...they are reflecting a deep inner wisdom that you might be ignoring.








recognise the other person is you