The food you eat might be limiting your life's potential


You can't treat your mind without treating your body. 

When you stabilise fuel in your body, you stabilise your emotions.

If you are struggling with stress or anxiety or feeling stuck in your life's purpose, breathing deeply is not enough (crazy right?). The food you put into your body is directly linked to your overall state. So if you want to feel amazing, inspired, focused and energetic, then take a few steps to evaluate how food can be limiting your potential.

Could Stress be Your Answer?


Before we begin, I just want to say that in this article I speak the truth of how I felt in corporate. However, this is really not to offend or judge anyone. It is my story and I equally respect yours. I do believe that you CAN be happy in corporate and for a good period of time, I was. However to send my point across, I am drawing the picture as it really is.  

Here it goes:

If I look back at my life…it looked something like this:

Three words that can shift your mindset

I am enough


I know I heard this one before, but do you really know what it means?

Have you really experienced what it's like to be enough? be complete? be whole?

I must admit I had used and repeated those three words a lot without really understanding their deep significance...until recently. 

I was passing through a personal struggle, where I kept feeling like I needed to achieve more but not really wanting to do more.

New to mindfulness? start here


If you've heard of mindfulness, but never truly understood how to experience it, here is a short guide to get you started.

In simple words, mindfulness is the act of being present in the moment by paying close attention to yourself and to your environment. It is the act of being aware of the small things around you, connecting to your 5 senses and immersing yourself in the NOW.

Try to remember an amazing sunset or sunrise you once witnessed - maybe while on a summer vacation somewhere extraordinary.

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