You can't treat your mind without treating your body. 

When you stabilise fuel in your body, you stabilise your emotions.

If you are struggling with stress or anxiety or feeling stuck in your life's purpose, breathing deeply is not enough (crazy right?). The food you put into your body is directly linked to your overall state. So if you want to feel amazing, inspired, focused and energetic, then take a few steps to evaluate how food can be limiting your potential.

I went on a strict detox in December and irrespective of the details, I remember sitting in a deep meditation 3 weeks into the detox and experiencing pure energy and spirit come through. When I make the right food choices, I am simply closer to God. 

Food is not a just physical experience, it is emotional, mental and spiritual.

I will not use this space to recommend what food to eat and what food to avoid. There are many schools of thought on nutrition and diet and I leave it to you to dig deeper into that area. However I am opening this space for you to take a step back and deeply reflect on the role that food plays in your life. Is it supporting your journey to feel more connected, grounding and alive? If not, then why do you keep eating what doesn't serve you?

I challenge you to experience mindful eating, elevate your experience with food and allow the food you eat to fuel your potential and move you towards love, connection and spirit.

This coming week, do this:

  • Keep a food diary: note down what you are eating (Without judgement, just awareness) and how it makes you feel after (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually).
  • Practice mindful eating: before you eat, ask yourself "how will this serve me?". While eating, immerse all your senses in the experience. After food, take a few moments for gratitude and presence. 
  • Connect with your food: become aware of where you buy your food from, what is the source, how do you choose your food, what does food represent to you? 
  • Reflect on these questions: what food elevates my mood? what food impacts my emotions negatively? what food is limiting my energy and potential for the day? how can I uplift my eating habits to serve my potential? what would I achieve if I upgraded my eating habits? 

May you eat to live the best life ever!