At my teenage years, I picked up smoking, and it lingered with me until I reached 25. For me, quitting smoking wasn't just about dropping the cigarettes; it changed everything about how I lived and who I was.

I remember the time when I started to pay closer attention to what was driving me forward and what was holding me back. I started to notice those little daily habits that fed my stress and kept me stuck in a loop of 'wondering' this it? is this life? why am I not happy?

I did not have clear answers at the time. I couldn't see the changes I would invite into my life down the horizon, however, I knew one thing: nothing could become clear if I sustained the same lifestyle.

Quitting smoking was a declaration to stand up for myself. It was an act of self-love, a pledge to honour my well-being and needs. It wasn't easy. It demanded saying 'NO' to a comfortable lifestyle and societal pressures. However, I knew it was the only way OUT of the old and into the NEW.

When I decided to quit, it was the moment I decided to start showing up for MYSELF fully.

Choosing to quit smoking was a profound act of self-love and dedication to my overall well-being. It empowered me to authentically embrace and prioritize my own needs.

Yes, it can be scary to try new things, to move against what is comfortable and to step into a new self. The subconscious mind prefers the old-familiar past, even when it is harmful to us.

However, this is the game of life: The daily choices we make and the habits we choose, dictate who we decide to become.

ūüö≠Now This is for the Smokers Reading This

Quitting smoking was one key journey that showed me how to choose myself. It is a testament to self-control and resilience. It is a confirmation that we are the drivers...we decide...and when we desire to, we can rise above it all.

Here’s what I've discovered…when you're dead-set on quitting smoking for good, your subconscious is where the magic happens. It's the gateway to break free from this addictive cycle.

My journey with smoking has allowed me to find my inner power, over and over again.

Ready to embrace your power?

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