Throughout the past 10 years, I passed through many ups and downs. I've been on a long journey of self-exploration, getting to know myself better and actually living my purpose. I can definitely say, it is not a linear nor straightforward path. 

It is a path full of fear, doubt, feeling misunderstood, loneliness, losing friends and questioning almost everything you have ever learned or thought you "knew". It is also a path full of growth, love, expansion, opportunity, power and courage. 

I must admit, I couldn't have grown the same way without the variety of healing modalities, coaches, mentors and self-work that I put in. 

I am here to share how coaching has supported my journey (Actually I went as far as becoming a coach myself).

Breaking My Old Thought Patterns

It is easy to get stuck in repeated thought patters, without realizing how they influence our lives. 

Thoughts like "I am not good enough", "I can't", "It is not possible", "I am not talented", "I don't have the courage", could limit our potential and stop us from expressing our true powers. 

Coaches take time to identify your limiting beliefs and support you in shifting your mindset and changing the mental patterns that are stopping you from growing.

You do not need to be stuck in an old mindset. Change your mindset and you can change the world. 

Gaining Insight Into My Life 

Sometimes all we really need is someone asking the right questions and allowing us to express ourselves freely. 

Coaches take time to dig into deep topics that could be at the foundation of your life's struggles.

This includes: what are your values? what are your strengths? what is your mission statement? what is your purpose in life? what drives you? what do you want to achieve? what makes you happy? what is stopping you?

These are the conversations that will fuel you into "aha" moments and new realisations. 

Creating Action Plans

One thing that makes coaching very powerful is the future oriented mindset. Yes it is important to identify your issue and the root cause, but then what?

Then comes creating goals and an action plan. I find that many people have a deep understanding of their struggles and what they need to do, but never end up creating a shift.

A shift is not possible without commitment and to have commitment, you need a goal and a plan.

The coach supports you in building actions that can move you closer towards your higher self. 

Learning Something New

In coaching, you don't just learn about yourself, but you learn tools and techniques that can guide your journey. 

Every coach is different and the tools you will receive will depend on your struggles. For instance, I personally have a yogic and hypnotherapy background, so I use a lot of breathing, meditation, self-reflection and mindset tools to support clients.

You will always end up learning something new. 

Support, Guidance and Accountability 

A key role that coaches hold is to give support and guidance. They give you the possibility to express yourself and your needs, while holding space for you to grow.

They put themselves in your shoes and are there to meet you exactly where you are, with no expectations nor judgement.

Coaches give you space to flourish and hold you accountable towards your goals. 


In summary, working with a coach will definitely allow you to invite growth into your life. 

It opens you up to new ideas, gives you space to reflect, gain insight and create a plan for your life! 

Give yourself that gift!

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