The mind has infinite possibilities to recreate new stories. Think of the mind as a map of your life, whenever you give it a new goal/destination, it goes on to find new pathways to support you in moving closer towards your destination. 

Without a clear goal, your mind will create its own goals based on what it thinks is a safe, comfortable place to visit. Your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe, so it will always prefer staying in the familiar and known. It will throw at you things like 'fear, stress, anxiety, doubt' to keep you safe and stop you from taking risks. 

Until you take hold of the steering wheel and reassure your mind that you are able to actually drive, that you understand the risks and feel empowered to move forward, that you have the strength within you to reach your destination. 

Can your mind trust you to drive?

Rise above the mind and realize that you are not the mind and you are not your thoughts. You can start using the mind as just another tool that can help move you towards your goals. Although I must say, it is a tool that needs training...but once you master it, it will start working for you, your ally for life, there is no stopping YOU when the mind is under your control. 

When you have a clear vision empowered by your higher self (not ego centred), the mind gets excited to drive you there, it starts trusting you and believing that it is OK to step outside the comfort zone, it is safe! 

Now friend, answer me this, do you want to live a life where you are not in the driving seat? Who is driving? your childhood trauma? the voice of your parents? your school teachers telling you what you can or can't achieve? will you keep letting them drive YOUR life?

If your answer is yes...I love you and I am here to support you if you would like to reach out.

If your answer is no, or even better: 'hell freaking NOOOO', then to you my friend, you have just stepped into your true infinite power. Now you need to keep empowering that voice, that YOU who is the master of the mind, the 'you' who knows the destination it's moving towards, the 'you' who is in charge. Here are a few things that I am inspired to tell you today:

Catch the voice that is not yours

When you start noticing your thoughts and realising what inot your voice, you can stop that voice and literally ask it to "leave you alone". Tell your mind that this is not your voice, it is an old voice that is no longer needed and that you are ready to take charge of the ship!

That voice might sound something like this: this is too hard, it is impossible, I don't have time, I need to save more money first, I can't, I am not good enough, why me, who would even care etc....sounds familiar?

Catch the voice that is not yours and replace it with your true voice.

Replace it with your true voice

Once you are able to catch that voice that is not yours, you can start replacing it with your true self.

So, what is your truth? what would you like to believe in? what would you like your inner voice to sound like? how would you like it to support you? Allow that voice to become louder, so loud that you actually start to believe it fully, live it, be it, love it, LOUDER. 

That true self could sound something like this: I am excited and motivated to take action, I can ask for support and gain guidance along the way, there is a lot to look forward to and I have enough experience to get through this, it might take time but I have patience, life is about progress and not perfection....sounds better, right?

Empower your true voice daily 

It is not enough to speak your truth once. Do you want to keep whispering your truth? Sure do that and your mind will push you away to take charge again with what is familiar.

Practice it, repeat it, fake it, I don't care, just make it so loud that there is no space for another voice but the one that you want to believe in. 

Finally friends, I am here to tell you that you have infinite potential within you, upgrade your mindset and you can upgrade your life. 

I know you might need examples and tools on how to do that, you are welcome to join my FB group for weekly tools and inspiration. Time to elevate, what do you say? I am in



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