We live in a world full of duality.

We need darkness to have light and we need both day & night, moon & sun, yin & yang. One simply cannot live without the other and there is a tremendous amount of lessons we can learn about life, by just understanding the qualities of those dualities. 

Nature holds within it all the wisdom we need to understand life. We are a balance of duality that lives in nature and within us, which includes the feminine and musculine qualities of life. 

Today, I am sharing with you the power of balancing those qualities in your life. 

Please do not confuse masculine or feminine with male/men and female/women. Each and every gender has access to both the masculine and feminine energies. For example, when you use your right brain, you are accessing the feminine creative energy and when you use the left brain you are accessing the masculine analytical energy. Another example is when you allow yourself to flow and be present you are access the feminine energy and when you move with consistency and structure you are accessing the masculine. 

A nice way to help you recognise those energies in nature is by witnessing the sun & moon. The sun is constant, shows up with the same energy everyday, always bright, it is fiery and represents the masculine within us.

The moon changes, everyday is a new phase, a new shape and a new color. The moon is passive, cooling and represent the feminine energy. 

In today's world, when we think of success and achievement, we so easily applaud the masculine - the side of us that keeps doing, moving forward, shining bright everyday, constant and committed. We fear the feminine at work without realising the edge of uniqueness & wellbeing it can provide us. 

Here is how inviting the feminine energy into your work life can move you closer towards success in life

Honor your Pace 

I worked for 10 years in corporate and I must say for a good 7 years I was a doer. I found it hard to slow down and trust my flow. When I started my yoga practice, I learned how to connect to my body, breathe and be more in the moment. I allowed myself to move more freely, stopped caring about the results and focused on what brought me joy - now. 

When we honor the feminine, we become more present, we allow ourselves to move into the body, listen to the innate wisdom within us and respond from a space of wisdom vs fear. 

The pace of the corporate world is often dominated by a masculine energy, however when you realize that you can tap into a new form of energy that is more passive, fluid and intuitive, you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the journey.

From ME to WE

So often the masculine energy at work focused on individual power, competition and 'fighting for your success'. It feels like a battle and the fittest will only win. Ugh, how tiring! 

When we invite the feminine energy into our jobs, we realising that success is abundantly available to everyone and when we come together in community we can go far. 

The feminine energy nurtures new ideas, supports others and gives space for fluidity and change to happen. 

Move with Flow 

Over the past two years we have all witnessed a big shift in how we work. That masculine structure of 9 to 5 linear and 'have to do attitude' started to dissolve. We started working at our own pace, ignoring working hours and integrating life and work as one (because they are). 

So, when we invite the feminine we move with the flow. We listen to our creative & physical energy and respond to what feels right in the moment. We sleep in if our body is demanding it and work late if we feel inspired. We move with what feels right and we do not force what is not reasonable. 

By trusting the feminine we allow ourselves to respond to the moment, break out of the system and flow with life. 

So, my message to you is this: honor the feminine within you. Honor your inconsistency, creativity & flow. Be passive when you need to, slow down and trust the flow. Support others around you and know that success is available to all. Stop striving for a big position and focus on what you have here, now, today. Enjoy this moment, be present and live in the now. Love your femininity - all genders have aspects of the feminine within and when we honor it, we collectively move towards balance. 

yin yang