Why Time Management Doesn't Work

This week, in my private group, we are talking all about time management. I tend to cringe when I hear those two words together: time - management. It feels so structured, stiff and corporate. 

I find that so often there is a key missing piece that is not addressed in how we manage time and procrastination. 

You see, it is not 'time' that needs to be managed. The real issue comes down to how we manage our emotions and mindset around time. 

Manage Your Emotions - Not Time

Start paying attention to the emotions that come up throughout your day. Is it stress? fear? overwhelm? Imposter syndrome? What is really stopping you from getting things done? 

Most people who procrastinate struggle from a fear of failure or success, overwhelm or stress. Instead of trying so hard to manage time, start by managing your emotions. When you release stress and invite more motivation, confidence and positivity, things will get done with ease. 

Manage Your Mindset - Not Time

We often insult time, by saying there is not enough of it or it runs too fast. 

The truth is that time is abundant and ever-present. Time is infinite actually.

It is up to you to decide how you want to perceive it. We are so programmed to repeat certain phrases like "I don't have enough time"...."I don't have time for myself"....that we actually start believing it. 

Catch yourself insulting time and change the mantra. You can invite a more positive conversation around time. Here are some things you can say instead: 


  • Time is abundant and infinitely accessible
  • I create time with ease 
  • Time is available to me
  • I have the power to choose how I use time 


Manage Your Tasks - Not Time

Last but not least, let go of the to-do list. Seriously, to-do lists are the most inefficient tool out there. Work with simple SMART goals instead and then block time in your calendar to achieve goals. I like to create monthly goals, which then get chunked down into weekly and daily goals. I CREATE time to achieve each of these goals, by blocking a specific slot for that task in my calendar. 

Most people keep adding tasks to their to-do list which ends up pulling them back. Having more on your to-do list, is not an achievement. Work SMART, be specific and focus on what matters. 

Let's stop time management and start dealing with the root issue: managing emotions, mindset and focusing on goals that matter. 

I create a free mindset toolkit to support you in finding empowerment over your thoughts and reaching your potential. For immediate access, download here: Free Mindset Toolkit