I haven’t been cooking for a long time, but I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen...the smell of fresh herbs, onions cooking on the stove and every once in a while something burning as my mom freaks out over video call. 

If you are new to cooking, congrats! You can now take care of a basic need in every human’s life.

I would like to share some ideas that have allowed me to enjoy cooking, almost daily:

  • Check your mood. Cooking when you are upset or angry is not the best way to go. You want to enter the kitchen with a positive mood and mindset. Actually your energy will be reflected in the food’s nutritious value and taste. So the last thing you want is anger and stress on your plate. 
  • Check your environment. You don’t want to cook in an untidy kitchen. Actually you don’t even want to cook, if you are feeling untidy yourself. Uplift your environment, put on some nice music, lift your hair up, feel comfortable in your clothes and get set for a great cooking session.
  • Music. This is worth a bullet point on its own. Music can add so much to your cooking experience. It makes it fun, enjoyable and often even meditative. Choose the music that works for you, or even maybe play your favorite e-book. Personally, I love chanting mantras. Choose a mantra that speaks to you, or maybe something you need to work on and use your time in the kitchen to repeat the vibrations that elevate your spirit. Who thought cooking and spirituality can actually come together? 
  • Keep it simple. My number one rule has been to keep my recipes simple. I am not a chef and I don't strive to be one (although that would've been an awesome career)...my focus is on making delicious and healthy food. I don't want to feel tired for the rest of the day after cooking one meal. So choose easy recipes, and leave the fine-dining attempts for special days. 
  • Be creative. Ok maybe not always, sometimes you just want to stick to the recipe you know. But really, what is the worst thing that could happen or go wrong? You have a lousy meal and laugh about it? You learn something new? Just try...go with your gut, try things out, don't be rigid...have fun!
  • Pray. We often find it interestingly odd when someone closes their eyes to pray before a meal. Come to think about it, how beautiful is that? Being grateful and more importantly setting yourself to connect with the food that will nourish your body. Connecting with the food and becoming one with every bite. Wow, what a new relationship you can build towards food by just praying. You can say any prayer that feels right to you at the moment, as long as it is from the heart. 
6 tips to help you start cooking today